CytexOrtho is a pre-clinical stage medical device company working to advance orthopaedic treatment options for cartilage repair. Our purpose is to leverage the pioneering tissue regeneration work of Dr. Farshid Guilak, Dr. Bradley Estes, and Dr. Frank Moutos.  Dr. Guilak, formerly at Duke University and now at Washington University in St. Louis, is Executive Chairman of Cytex and continues to lend his guidance and advice to the company. Dr. Estes serves as CEO and Dr. Moutos as VP of Technology Development. We have generated significant pre-clinical data, established manufacturing processes and we are now progressing toward a pilot clinical study of our lead product, an acellular implant to restore hip joint health in young patients needing surgical intervention. Our company headquarters are in Durham, North Carolina.

Meet the Team

Bradley Estes, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Farshid Guilak, PhD

Executive Chairmen of the Board, Co-founder

Frank Moutos, PhD

Vice President of Technology Development, Co-founder

Vince Willard, PhD

Director of Research

Nikhil Gheewala, PhD

Director of Product Development

Laura Tormey

Manager of Product Development

Christine Estes

Director of Business and Finance

Tara Boykin

Administrative Assistant

John Clohisy, MD Washington University in St Louis
Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Clinical Advisory Board

Paul Beaulé, MD UOttawa
Head Adult Reconstruction

Clinical Advisory Board

Hollis Potter, MD HSS
Chairman, Department of Radiology​

Clinical Advisory Board

Thomas Vail, MD UCSF
Professor and Chair, Orthopedic Surgery​

Clinical Advisory Board

Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School / Bostons Childrens Hospital
Director, Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program​

Clinical Advisory Board

Dave Nolan

Non-Executive Director

Barry Myers

Non-Executive Director