Today we are pleased to announce that our novel cartilage regeneration implant is the lead story in the November issue of Medical Textiles. This feature references the publication in Science Advances, where CytexOrtho scientists demonstrate cartilage restoration in canine hip joints with moderate osteoarthritis using CytexOrtho implants.  

As stated in the article “The findings…could represent a first step toward less invasive joint resurfacing in both canine and human patients”. CytexOrtho co-founder and VP of Technology Frank Moutos issued the following statement: “We have only scratched the surface of regenerative medicine applications for textile materials. The data in this study indicate exciting possibilities for use of our textile scaffold for cartilage regeneration.”  

For the full story, follow the think to the November issue of Medical Textiles: Cartilage Resurfacing Implant Restores Hip Joint Function